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Cape Cod Surfing Lessons

Use Cape Cod Surfing Lessons .com for your Cape Cod, Massachusetts Surfing Lessons. Our instructors are qualified and trained to not only teach you how to surf, but also to make sure that you have fun doing it.

All of our surfing lessons are held on the east coast of Cape Cod on the Atlantic Ocean. We closely watch the conditions to ensure that the waves are not too big or too small to have a fun and safe surfing experience.

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Private Surfing Lessons

We only offer private surfing lessons and charge by the hour. You decide how long or how short your lesson will be. Call for rates or to book your lesson: 1-860-874-2258.

Cape Cod Waves

Cape Cod has miles of coastline but only a small portion of it has waves big enough to surf. Our Surf Instructors grew up surfing on Cape Cod and will bring you to the surfable breaks and instruct you on how to surf the right way.

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